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Sarah was one of the first people I called when I realized I was getting a divorce. I could not be more grateful for Sarah's advice on how I should navigate a new, post-divorce world with my daughter.  Which leads me to do the other millions out there figure it out if they cannot call Sarah? 


People need to hear Sarah’s guidance in her own captivating voice. It is innovative. It is positive.

It needs to be shared with those who need it.

Kathryn Stockett - Author, The Help

New York Times Best Seller & 

Academy Award Nominated Film

About the book

The guidance in this book is written in a conversational tone from one mom to another and is served up in bite-sized pieces.  It is meant to prepare you for the discussions you need to have and the decisions you need to make, while keeping your children as the focus...and prioritizing yourself too.  Ultimately, the goal is for you to be able to put your experience in the category of a “good divorce.”

This is written by a girl 

who never, ever thought she would get a divorce, 

who ended up getting a divorce

and what she learned along the way...

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