There are many reasons that trigger a divorce and the reasons are often emotionally driven.  So, you need to do all you can to…stop…collect yourself…be smart…and approach the process in a very conscious way...trying to take as much emotion out of the process as possible in order to achieve the outcome that you desire. 

...Even if You Don’t Ask Them To...

It is important to remember that you cannot control how other people will react in these situations.  It is important to respect the fact that everyone (family and friends) handles divorce in their own way.  The only thing you can control is how you approach it for yourself and your children.

It can be helpful to figure out with your ex-husband how you want to handle going through the laundry list of points that you may need to discuss regarding your children.  This could be a weekly or monthly call (or e-mail).  Either way could work...the focus should be on ensuring you are communicating (and discussing as needed) in a productive manner all topics related to your children.

At times, you will need to put aside your emotions until you have worked through the details…or there may be times when you need to put away the details until you have worked through your emotions. 

Everyone’s divorce hangover is different…some take longer than others to recover…and there is an emotional headache that you need to recover from…but you eventually will…and will move on with your life.

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