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About The Mom's Guide to a Good Divorce

Just for the record...I am not an advocate for divorce.  In an ideal world, couples who get married…happily stay together for a lifetime.  Unfortunately, this is not always the case and these days divorce is more common than ever.

Through the years since going through this major change in my life, I have been asked by many friends to give them advice on how to go through the process and come out happy on the other end.  Somehow, the girl who never, ever thought she would get a divorce has become “a poster child for a good divorce.”

The guidance in this book is written in a conversational tone from one mom to another and is served up in bite-sized pieces.  It is meant to prepare you for the discussions you need to have and the decisions you need to make, while keeping your children as the focus...and prioritizing yourself too.  Ultimately, the goal is for you to be able to put your experience in the category of a “good divorce.” 

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