Take the time to outline a detailed household budget.  This should include a complete list of expenses it takes to run your life and your children’s lives for a given year.  It is also important to outline key expenses you see arising in the next one, three, and five years.

Having a good group of girlfriends through the divorce process is very helpful and comforting.  Plan a girls night out with your friends and thank them for the support they have given you during the divorce process.  I actually started this tradition the year after my divorce and girls night is now one of my favorite nights of the year.

It is important to put yourself first. The only way to give support to your children throughout the divorce process is to ensure you also take care of yourself whether it is eating well, working out, or getting enough sleep. All of these are important to keep your body running, so you can be there for your children and also feel good about yourself.

One thing that should never be in doubt throughout the divorce process is that you love your children.  As you and your children go through the challenging times during the divorce it is important to surround your children with family and friends who love your kids and will give them the support they need during this time.

After your divorce, you will have to make a choice about changing your name.  The name change decision is a very personal one - whether to change your name back to your maiden name (if you changed your name when you got married) or you choose to keep your ex-husband's name.  If you are considering changing your name, it may make sense to do so before going through all of the required administrative changes in your life (e.g., changing names on bills, insurance coverage, wills).

It is important to find therapy for you after your divorce.  And you will find it is definitely worthwhile to find the right therapist - one who is able to help you think through the things you need to think through, listen when you need them to listen, and push a bit when you need a little nudge.

If possible, it is helpful for the two of you to attend parent-teacher conferences together, as this enables you to show the teachers that both of you are involved in your children’s lives and even though you are divorced, your children are the priority.

Are you concerned about what to do after divorce?  There is a wide range of things to do after divorce that you need to ensure your life is in order.  These tasks can range from keeping your life running on a day-to-day basis to changing names on bills to ensuring your insurance coverage is in order.  Take the time to deal with these details as they are necessary to manage our households and our lives.

It is important for you to decide the type of attorney that you want to engage as there is a wide spectrum of options when it comes to divorce lawyers.  There are different types of attorneys to handle different types of divorces some are hard-nosed pit bulls and others are collaborative peacemakers both serve a purpose.  Depending on your situation, you will need to determine the type of divorce attorney that best suits your needs.

There will be moments when you are frustrated by a specific dynamic with your ex-husband. This is completely normal, but as much as you can, try to take the high road. It is not always the easiest path to take and there are times when you may question whether is the right thing to do but the high road is usually worth it in the end.

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